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Originally Posted by jphughan View Post
Oh I absolutely agree on the value. With EDC at $1000 and the 220 19s at $1250 you're paying $250 for some remapped software and adjusted suspension -- not bad. Granted that assumes the two sets of 19s are valued identically and they're probably not the same cost, but as you say there are pros and cons to each setup. I got EDC separately as well as the 220s and avoided ZCP purely because I liked the 220 19s better (looks and forged vs cast) and didn't feel I was getting anything I cared about for that extra $250, though if I'd liked the ZCP wheels better I would have sprung for the package anyway -- I wasn't too concerned about resale impact. I'm more amazed at people who seem to believe that it makes all the difference performance-wise.

Btw, I'm surprised to hear you say that the lowering was just enough to keep you from going aftermarket. Is 10mm/1cm really that big a deal? Most people I talk to say unless you see a ZCP parked right next to a non-ZCP you can't see a difference in ride height.
I honestly don't think the M3 needs much done to it in terms of mods unless you really want to build it into a different level of car entirely. The slight lowering of the ZCP is just enough to make a difference for me of whether to go ftermarket or not. Likewise, I added 12mm spacers to my ZCP wheels and it was just the touch the car needed to give it a little more of an aggressive stance such that I won't need to go for a full custom wheel like an HRE P40 or alike.

My big issue is going to be finding an exhaust mod to get the sound I want. I really don't want it any louder at all. I just want a slightly lower and more exotic tone. Anyway, researching is all part of the fun too. But again, I don't think the car needs a radical change here either.
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