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I fully agree with Radiation Joe in that the majority of cops are decent, hard working and honest folks. I have no beef with the police. As I mentioned previously, it's difficult to put every aspect of my occurrence with the officer in a thread or it would be pages long.

I was never disrespectful or raised my voice to the officer. I referred to him as sir and only asked him in a tone of curiousity as to how my vehicle was too loud. It can be his interpretation that it is but I have a right as a citizen to put this to a challenge in court which I will do.

My next door (a retired officer) has given me much to consider. I live less than 1.5kms from the police station. Within the two years I've had the AA exhaust I've passed countless officers with neither of them raising an eyebrow. My neighbour says that there has to be a standard set for what's too loud in the eyes of the police. He believes that enough doubt in court can be given to the fact that why is my exhaust ok with most cops but not one. Where is the line drawn? As previously noted, what does this officer do when he comes across a Harley owner with a stock exhaust which is definitely louder than mine? Does he fine them as well?

I should also mention that the officer told me that our conversation was being video and audio taped. Once my trial date is set to fight these tickets I will request a copy of the video and audio which is my right before the trial. This will show the conversation that took place and how personal the officer got with me and how he threatened to summons me to court where I could do jail time if he sees me again.

I will also speak to this officer's Inspector next week to fill him in on what took place. The exhaust is one aspect of this occurrence. Being threatened in front of my kids is a whole other matter. I want it to be known that I will not run and hide in the neighbourhood that I live and pay taxes.

If this was solely about an exhaust I would've probably sucked it up and paid the fines and moved on. But I will not bury my head in the sand and stand to be threatened by someone with a badge that feels they can weild their power and disrespect those they are paid to serve and protect.