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Well my first car was a V8. But not on the level I have now. I've come full circle as the M3 is only my second V8 and first manual tranny equipped V8. I've had at least 8 cars in between.
My first car was a white vinyl top over carolina blue 1978 Pontiac Gran Prix SJ that I bought in 1990 with about 98k miles on it. It had a 4.9 litre 301 cubic inch 4 barrell V8 with about 175 horsepower and maybe 140 horses still left. I paid $900 for it and you couldn't tell me sh!t. I went 125 mph in that car and the only way I know that(speedometer only went to 85 mph) was my buddy was right next to me in his 1986 Integra and told me. The car had a horrible valve tap after that and was the beginning of the end. I put a Kenwood stereo system in it that was certainly worth more than the car itself.
I would like to still have the car(if I had room ) in order to tastefully resto-mod it and drop a nice crate motor in it. Other than that I moved on and learned many lessons since but I'll never forget.

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