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Originally Posted by 11Series View Post

Again, DO YOUR OWN FUDGING RESEARCH before you start yapping. Yes, it is easy to find examples of the immediate family of soldiers having been deported while the solders were deployed.

But you COMPELETEY miss the point.

I want soldiers focused 100% on getting the baddies while they are deployed, because I support ALL the troops. You on the other hand have no problem with soldiers being deployed suffering horrible stress and distraction because the US gov't is holding a sword over their family's head while they are stuck half way around the world and helpless to to do anything.

But over and over folks on the right wing who wrap themselves in a flag and claim they "support the troops" really only support the Straight Christian WASP Male troops. Frankly, I'm sick of it. If you can't support ALL the troops, INCLUDING the ones who are facing having their families broken up, be honest and stop claiming you "support the troops".
That's what I thought--hard to find an example. Kinda puts the kibosh on your entire thesis doesn't it?

Liberal love for our soldiers is a relatively new (and shallow) thing. Wasn't that way in the past and it will fade away again as soon as the budget fight starts and we get the troops home. Soldiers are not a liberal constituency and social engineering and feel good legislation will take precedence. It's the way you roll, nothing new.

I spent almost three decades taking care of soldiers. Forgive me if I take your heartfelt declaration of soldier-love with a pound of salt--been there, heard that, don't believe you.

Why's it so hard for you guys when it comes to enforcing the law of the land?