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Originally Posted by speedfan View Post
Hi everyone,

I've heard that the Michelin pss is bigger than regular tires.
Are they bigger as in terms of width? or taller sidewall?

Im planning to get the Michelin PSS tires.
My previous tires are Hankook Ventus V12.
Front 235/40/18
Rear 265/35/18

I'm not sure which size to get for the Michelin pss front: 235/40/18?? or 255/35/18?

Thanks for any input so I can order them accordingly.
I just put on PSS's this size:
Front 255/35/18
Rear 275/35/18

Thanks to the list members for their input on this. Great tire. No fitment issues. Simply awesome. I expected some tramlining issues/not tracking true - but there are are absolutely NONE. Quiet, sticks like glue, same ride quality and on-center stability as stock, great in rain.

BTW no disrespect for our dear sponsor, but my BMW dealer beat Tire Rack's price on them, after shipping, on a straight-up, blind price check. So, I ordered through the dealer and had them on the car the next day. Sweet. Tire Rack's intro price has apparently expired.

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