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Originally Posted by VVG View Post
People will always try to justify their own choices, which is fine, of course, but that doesn't mean others will feel the same way. IMO, ZCP is a tremendous value.

It is a $2500 option.

EDC alone is a $1000 option, which means you are bascially paying $1500 for the wheels, the just slightly (and perfectly IMO) lowered suspension, and the remapped stability programming.

The wheels are some of the best looking wheels available, and are very easy and relatively inexpensive to replace if they get damaged. And, yes, while they weigh 1-2 lbs more than their type 220 counterparts, they are also wider and have a more favorable weight distribution. The suspension is lowered just enough so that I have no desire to spend $3k on an aftermarket set-up.

So, for me, ZCP adds just enough to the car not to make me want to mod the wheels and suspension, and as such provides a tremendous financial savings.

Additionally, ZCP will actually add to the value of your car at resale while a modded suspension will most certainly decrease the value. Then you are left with the problem of trying to sell your aftermarket wheels too.

So, if you don't like the ZCP wheels, for wahtever reason, or want a more aggressive suspension, then by all means, go for it, but you simply can not deny that ZCP offers a lot for the asking price.
Oh I absolutely agree on the value. With EDC at $1000 and the 220 19s at $1250 you're paying $250 for some remapped software and adjusted suspension -- not bad. Granted that assumes the two sets of 19s are valued identically and they're probably not the same cost, but as you say there are pros and cons to each setup. I got EDC separately as well as the 220s and avoided ZCP purely because I liked the 220 19s better (looks and forged vs cast) and didn't feel I was getting anything I cared about for that extra $250, though if I'd liked the ZCP wheels better I would have sprung for the package anyway -- I wasn't too concerned about resale impact. I'm more amazed at people who seem to believe that it makes all the difference performance-wise.

Btw, I'm surprised to hear you say that the lowering was just enough to keep you from going aftermarket. Is 10mm/1cm really that big a deal? Most people I talk to say unless you see a ZCP parked right next to a non-ZCP you can't see a difference in ride height.
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