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Hi all,

I don't know if this is the same problem this is what happened ...

I have my car since end of april.

I have noticed that after a cold start is tends to drop to only 500rpm (feels like some kind of fall back, I sometimes think the engine will stop).

But on the 3rd of July when leaving the garage I got 2 warnings :
- RPA (flat tire)
- Motor failure (reduced engine power)
I stopped the engine, fired it up again and the warnings were gone.
The same day when I was starting the car it took a few seconds to start up the car, during the start-up I heard a ticking noise. No problems afterwards.
Called the dealership they assured me this was nothing major.

Yesterday 3rd of September, I've experienced exactly the same thing except for the starter problem.

It happens most frequenty after reving the car a little bit - cold engine - (car is by accident in N iso D ;->) when leaving my garage.

What would you advise to do ?