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Originally Posted by dibxna View Post
try exclusivity of a 26 year old driving an m that is modded. thats what i am and thats what i have and i too considered the xkr before pulling the trigger on the m. i have not meet another person in my circle of friends (i promise i hang with more than a couple people lol) thats driving the same car. the closest to me is a friend who drove an e46 m3 and went to the... xkr. he loves the xkr but does admit that it adds 10 years to him. for him its the image needed in his opinion because hes an investment banker who has to appear as least like a recent college grad as possible to earn some of the better clientele over.

i think you would love either car but i think you would love the bmw for making you feel young and carefree.

only thing worth picking is the one that drives best. what is best in your opinion is different than many on this forum - make yourself happy

I just need to find one of each, test drive, then go from there.