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Originally Posted by jphughan View Post
lol -- seriously though, since when has lack of ZCP made the M3 a Civic? The consensus seems to be that it offers no real benefit (doesn't add power, doesn't remove weight, barely tweaks suspension, DSC, and EDC, and the other available 19" rims are forged rather than cast like the ZCP 19s). It's certainly nowhere near as significant as the E46 ZCP. I suspect that only pro racing drivers would ever notice the difference -- same goes for the moonroof. I got mine because CF didn't look good with LMB, the car is quieter on the road, and I like to be able to open my roof.

Still a funny post though.
yeah, just messing around, there's been a fair share of stupid debates that these features or lack of these features or variations of the M3 make sit less of an M3.