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Originally Posted by jphughan View Post
DCT wasn't involved with Technology Package; you could get either one separately. EDC was included with the Technology Package but was also available to be ordered separately (now it's in the Comp Package but still available for separate order) so having EDC doesn't mean you have the Tech Package. However, if you don't have an M button you definitely DON'T have the Tech Package. If you DO have an M button you either have the Tech Package (since that was the only way to get it when that package existed) or you have a car produced 9/2010 or later, when it became standard.

The Tech Package included EDC, Nav, Comfort Access, and M Drive (most easily identified by the M button). The problem is that all of the other 3 things could be ordered standalone -- still can except for CA, which is now exclusively available with the Convenience Package, but CA will once again also be available as a standalone option for 2012. There's already a sticky about MY2012 changes in this forum so I won't bother with the rest of the details.
Thanks for the clarification, guess I'll just have to manually set my settings.