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Originally Posted by MB Hawaii View Post
I have a 2010 M3 and can't seem to find the "M" button. Instead I have a audio select button. I thought the "M" button was standard. Am I missing something?
Not really. The "M" button just allows you to call up your performance settings with the press of a button. You can always do it the old-fashioned way - turn DSC off and press the power button. However, since it's a '10, it means you don't have MDM or EDC if you don't have the technology package.

I've found that EDC is only useful when you need to traverse a bumpy road, whereas MDM is a nice traction setting when you want to drive in a spirited manner with less of a risk of ending up in the guard rail.

But after two years of ownership, I've come to the conclusion that all of these are really technology gimmicks - the fun of this car comes from how it feels on the road, not from your M drive settings or the 'power' button.