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Originally Posted by leo95se View Post
Regarding the e30/6 vs e92 discussion,I do agree the e36 is a very capable track car. I haven't seen any e30s take the lead though, typically 3-5 secs slower in the NASA, BMW and scda races I've seen. They are both very different from the heavy e92. More tossable and a good amount smaller/more nimble.

However, I have only seen one track prepped e92, the black and red one the polish guy with NASA drives. He is substantially faster than the 30/6's. Otherwise,it seem all other comparisons are against stock e92s. Lucid have you been up against prepped ones?
I think it would be interesting to see what happens when people start spending money on them, I think they still cost too much and so aren't as popular yet. Seems like a difficult comparison to me, but granted I haven't seen all but one built e92.
U can get an e36 down to 2500 lbs and 300 whp for about $35k
U can get an e92 down to 2900 lbs and 360 whp for about $80k

Those numbers make no sense = there is no way 60whp beats 400lbs around any track.
And why would you want to spend twice the money to go slower?
Of course, u can pour $30k into suspension and suspension/chassis tuning into either cars ....but id rather be pulling 2G thru a corner in a lighter car.

Both the e36 and e46 make more race-financial sense then an e92 race prep.
And you'll see S65 engines in e36 and e46 going faster then in any e92.
It took Grand-Am Koni/Conti Challenge 2 yrs to make the e92 faster then the e46 ... and that was only after all the big teams phased out their e46 program and moved into the e92 at a massive cost increase.

Its not until you get into the $150k range that the e92/s65 race prep can compete and dominate the BMW race prep category. 2800 lbs 420 rwhp and a massive suspension.
But then, at the comparable $150k ... the Vipers and Vettes will leave you behind.
So bottom line = if u want to amateur/club race (budget) ....then the e36/e46 makes much more sense.

As far as best w2w bang for the buck = Spec Miata or if ur a BMW guy, E30spec is a great class. Lots of competition. Cheap parts. Great w2w learning experience.