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Originally Posted by 11Series View Post
Did you even TRY to find out the answer??? Because cases are so easily found out there, that it isn't even funny.

It floors me how many people come and bitch about policies when they don't know what the policies actually say, and come here asking about facts when it is absolutely clear they never even TRY to find out the answers themselves. And it's the same folks every time. You would think they would finally some day be embarrased enough to actually bother FACT CHECKING themselves.

Who would you trust as a source (since there are tons of different examples to choose from)? How about the Department of Defense's own Stars and Stripes? Good enough source for you, or will you bitch that it is too lefty socialist for you?

When Guevara explained her situation to the immigration officer, the response was less than helpful. “I told him, ‘My unit is going to be deployed, so I’m afraid— what if I’m gone and I’m stationed over in Iraq or Kuwait, and my husband’s [status] expires?’” she says. “What’s going to happen to my kids?”

She says the officer responded, “You worry about that when that happens.” Advocates say many military families are in the same boat. Though official figures aren’t collected, Lt. Col. Margaret Stock, an immigration attorney who helped establish the American Immigration Lawyers Association’s Military Assistance Program, says she gets at least one phone call a day from military personnel with immigration troubles.

Now just get the Fudge out of here with your idiocy.
Reading is sooooo fundamental. A DEPLOYED soldier whose spouse is actually DEPORTED. That means (simple language, just for you) a soldier who is downrange and his/her illegal alien spouse is physically deported while he/she is gone. I would like to know if that has actually happened. Surely a committed interweb dweller like you with high-end wiki skills can find one.