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Originally Posted by Wall$treet View Post
Sorry but that is what you get for being a sarcastic a-hole to a cop. Regardless of right or wrong I promise if you had just apologized and mentioned it was an aftermarket system but you had no intention on it being illegally loud-you would have been on your way.

Instead you start being a d##k to the cop, even if he is in the wrong, you get blasted with 2 tickets and a day in court.

Learn a lesson and always treat cops with respect even if they are totally wrong. Unless it becomes a point where a cop is inapprorpiate with you or hassling you above and beyond what is reasonable.

On the cop's side however, the AA is a LOUD exhaust and there is not set decibal level that makes it illegal-but rather its the cops discretion of whether he thinks its causing excessive noise which it absolutely is.

In that respect though I do not know how so many harley guys get away with this given their bikes are insanely loud and obnoxious.


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