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In my experience most cops are actually pretty reasonable, unless you start arguing. I've been pulled over for various things over the years. In all cases I was respectful and admitted my wrongdoing and most times I was let go with a warning. The worst thing you can do is to argue your case and try to prove he's wrong and you're right. I don't think this has ever worked in the history of man, where the driver wins an argument, and the cop admits you're right and lets you go.

If you want to argue, save it for court. If you want the best shot at avoiding a ticket in the first place, be agreeable and don't argue. Police demand respect and submission, as they should because they are tasked with enforcing the law. And if you agree with them, then they got no further beef with you. Police put their lives on the line every single day to protect you and me from the scum of the earth, and they deserve our utmost respect and appreciation. I'm tired of reading posts that bash police. For those of you who hate cops, next time you're in trouble and need help, don't call 911. Just my .02
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