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Originally Posted by SenorFunkyPants View Post
Trouble is that the rear bumper is very flexible and repairs are very difficult to do and are unlikely to last long term. Got a couple of small dings in mine and its going in for a new bumper monday (paid by the insurance Co. of the smuck who drove into me).
My Bodyshop guy and the third parties assessor both said this kind of bumper is not worth repairing.

Please tell me what so special about a BMW bumper that makes it "not worth repairing"?

Only if it the cost to repair it exceeds the price to buy a new one, only than should it be replaced. (And in this case, sounds like op can repair)

There is so much misconception about what a body shop can and cannot do.

If anyone wants advice on repairs, please pm me. I might actually bump my body shop thread back up... jeez..