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I bought the gf a D5000 and I bought a D7000. Everytime I pick up her camera, I get really frustrated. I have to resort to the info screen everytime i want to change something. I usually takes 3-6 button press before I can change the setting to what I want. The D7000 has most of the buttons right there common settings is usually a press and scroll away.

My gf on the other hand, love her D5000, she just likes to compose pictures and not worry about anything else, her photography compose of slapping on a 35mm and just shoot artsy shots in weird position so that the composition gives a new perspective to boring scenes. She thinks my camera is too complicated because the settings are all over the place and she doesn't like to memorize which button does what, but then again, I love that part about the D7000. And; my gf forgot that D7000 also has an info screen for those who wants all the controls in an info screen (the button for the info screen is on the bottom left).

Oh another thing, she hates my D7000 because she's jelly that I can use lens like the Tokina 11-16mm, Tokina 100mm macro, and older nikon lens such as the 85mm 1.8D and she has to use manual focus on them. LOL...