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Originally Posted by PKL View Post
Don't you mean people in the first camp are outnumbered?

(I think, that you think, most people want the NA engine to stay)

But I think that is just representative of this forum.

Anyway, lets say they offered the next gen M3 with the SAME engine as the current car, or a 450hp tri-turbo.

Which would you choose? Let's assume they were the same price.

Would you buy the NA? How would you feel at the track when the turbos pass you?

*edit, I remember you are the guy who traded your M3 for a Mini Cooper S!! (judgement reserved )
Right now, I don't know what outnumbered means, so I fixed my first post

Back to your question, I would buy the S65 version of the F30 (if I ever buy another BMW that is).

The thing that most people don't understand about track days is that it is not how fast of a car you have, it is about how fast you can drive a given car. So, I really don't care if the guy in triple turbo M3 passes me (worst case, I will have him after 10mins when his turbos over heat )...

In regards of my MINI... That's half of the story. That's the DD. The track car will be an Exige (S) But I won't rush it. I will use the MINI as the track car in the mean time and get the Exige in a year or two. Again, the point is to learn how to drive fast.
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