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Originally Posted by Totti View Post
How about you both shut the fuck up and let us talk about awkward moments in our M's.

OK, then, here is my awkward M3 moment. Earlier this summer I am driving down to our shore house in the M3 with my wife and her sister. We are all having a pleasant conversation when my sister-in-law leans forward from the back seat, sticks her head between the front seats, looks directly at my wife, and says, "I want to suck Dave's dick".

I was a dumbfounded. For the remainder of the ride my wife and her sister had a pleasant, often humorous, conversation regarding the justification and merits of my sister-in-law sucking my dick. As you might imagine I was not sure what to do, say, or think.

No, it never did get sucked. Turns out it was actually a set-up between them just to screw with me a bit.
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