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How to reset administrators password on windows xp?

Hey all, my old man has had this Dell laptop for several years acquired from the hospital that he works in. He mainly used this to go on the hospital website and input patient information, diagnosis etc and to check email. He barely used it and 'gave' it to me for my personal use (schoolwork, study etc.) Its a decent laptop that suits me for my studies, however, I want to start logging my 135i with the jb4 and in order to do that, I don't have enough privileges as the regular user. I know the first instinct is to go back to the hospital and see if they would reset it, but uh lol, I don't think they will do that and just take the laptop back as he doesn't use it.

Anyways, thanks in advance for suggestions as spending a few bucks for privileges is better than going out and spending another 500 or so on a new laptop.