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If you are going to do multiple track days, I can see where the GTR would make more sense. From a DD standpoint, I find the M3 a much better choice for the following reasons --- more useable space, cleaner interior, more compliant ride, better build quality and a better sound. Looks are subjective so I won't go there (btw I happen to think the GTR looks cool....don't like all the goofy gauges in the interior though). DD'ing a GTR will run the risk/fear of LEO all the time. IMO I think you can only use 50-75% of that car's potential on the street. I view it much the same way as a Z06/ZR1, a GT3, Scuderia, etc.....unbelievable performance but utterly useless on public roads. For many it's just a dick swinging contest. For those that track them (drag and/or roadcourse), not so much.