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Lawyer up, pay for a good one up front now because you're honestly investing in your future. What's an extra 10-20k now in comparison to dropping 10-20k per year from your alimony/child support payments?

For the people giving advice about "Yes, Dear" being the key to a good marriage, enjoy your divorce in the future after you've been cuckolded multiple times. Pushovers are the biggest attraction killer ever, ignore her words and temporary crabby reaction to you standing up to her, because behind the scenes she's loving it. Again, please please do not approach the relationship this way. You (like most American Men now unfortunately) have been brainwashed by our feminist society into thinking you should act a certain way, when it's completely opposite of what is biologically attractive to the female sex.

If you do this from the start, you'll be in great shape and you'll get less and less garbage as things go on pretty easily. If you're already in a relationship, applying this maxim will get you a bit of a poostorm at first but hold strong and benefits will roll in. This is probably half the reason so many long term relationships are sex starved. A women biologically can't be attracted to a "Yes Dear, Sure Honey" kind of man. He's a wimp.
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