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Originally Posted by disapr View Post
Is this suddenly a Nissan forum?

The GTR is an ugly plastic serial box car. It's Yamaha vs. Ducati all over again.

If you just want to go factory fast then get whatever makes you happy. Maybe Toyota, Honda and Hyundai will jump on the success of the GTR and produce a few more serial box cars for the GTR customers.
not in my opinion .. I love how the GTR looks. Very mean and and aggressive. and the '12 interior is much better too.

Nothing wrong with Yamaha vs. Ducati (or Japanese vs European). Before I got my M3, I was a bit of a motorcycle track nut and have tracked / gone through several bikes over the years - Starting with a GSXR 1000, Two Yamaha R6 (trackbikes), a Ducati 1098, Streetfighter, a Duc 848 (Trackbike) and finally back to a Yamaha R6 ... Japanese or Italian they both had their different strengths and weaknesses... I typically put down much better laptimes on my R6 vs my 848 .. My 848 blew its engine on the track while my R6 was rock solid all through...

Originally Posted by mlifxs View Post
revisit all the reasons why you chose an M3, to begin with....and go from there...and then sleep on it a few nights
Originally Posted by devo View Post
I would get the GTR but wait another 1 1/2-2 years. You should get more use out of your M for now with the idea of getting into a GTR later. With that said you will see what might be up Nissan's sleeves for the next model as well.

You want the car and should treat yourself but do it within reason and with a good plan, Stop modding the M now in anticipation of getting a GTR later.

You'll be happier if you wait. You asked.
After thinking about it for a while I'm going to follow mlifxs and devo's advice... Though I can get a GTR right now, I think I'll enjoy my M3 for another year and will plan to get a 2013 GTR sometime middle of next year.. I now feel certain that I'll eventually own a GTR but right now I just bought my M3, and its a fantastic car too.. yes, not as fast and not as aggressive .. but its well balanced and tons of fun. I'll just slap a Akra Evo on it and call it a day for now... Waiting for a GTR and getting it next year vs getting it now will also make it feel extra special...