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Tough call.

I think as several others have pointed out that the ownership experience with BMW is better. Nissan dealerships in general don't know how to handle a customer coming in and dropping that kind of money on a car and service and despite the fact that this probably sounds snobby - that would annoy me after a while.

On top of that not all dealers are authorized to service the car which stinks.

However, performance-wise it's a beast and you can't deny that. I bet it would be an awesome car to own.

On a side note, I'm surprised everyone saying people take pics/videos and you worry about people keying it. It must vary by where you live, but I see a GT-R or two or three a week around here and no one makes a big deal. Maybe a 2nd look, thumbs up, etc. But no one busting out the camera phone or keying it.