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Originally Posted by quality_sound View Post
I thought they stopped taking orders for E90s in June or July...
Nope, the official word from both Bavarian and Pentagon is that there are still a few slots left (military sales has 5-7 left) for the month of September. Not sure how many are still allocated for non-military vendors.

Originally Posted by quality_sound View Post
If you can still order then go with Bavarian. I ordered through Pentagon and everything was great but you've already gotten the ball rolling with Bavarian so give them a shot to help you out. FWIW, everyone I know that's ordered from Bavarian AND Pentagon has been very happy with the level of service and their purchases.
I decided to go with Pentagon. The first CA I was trying to work with at Bavarian always took way too long to get back to me and rarely answered the questions from my emails when they finally did return them. Not sure what their main job is at Bavarian, but whatever it is it takes first priority for them over working as a CA.

The second CA I talked to at Bavarian was very helpful, mostly because they have been available to chat through Bavarian's live online customer service section, got quick answers to whatever questions I had that they couldn't answer on the spot, and sent me a very detailed price list. However, both quotes they sent back to me had the wrong options despite my very detailed instructions. After all the stories I've read on here about people finally getting their cars only to find the options were wrong, I'm not going to risk that. They were also adamant that BMW was requiring BMW Apps to be installed on any car that had BMW Assist on it (single option or packaged), which is incorrect first of all, plus there's no way I'm paying 250 bones for something I know isn't compatible with my Android phone.

Matthias at Pentagon, on the other hand, has been everything I expected (especially since so many folks have personally recommended him.) Everything is lined up, just waiting to hear back from the financing folks. Should have an order placed within a couple days!