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Originally Posted by SymphOfEvil View Post
Hi everybody,
New to the forum. I figured it would be smarter to ask the experts than force myself through the trial and error process. I'm currently deployed to Iraq and have been saving up for an M3 (E90) for a while, but I only recently figured out how many options there are when it comes to military sales.
I've been talking to Bavarian Motor Cars, and am trying to get in contact with Pentagon Car Sales. The days are ticking away to the end of E90 production, and I don't want to pull the trigger through the wrong dealer because I was rushed. Can anybody offer insight on who to steer towards and who to avoid? Thanks!
I thought they stopped taking orders for E90s in June or July. If you can still order then go with Bavarian. I ordered through Pentagon and everything was great but you've already gotten the ball rolling with Bavarian so give them a shot to help you out. FWIW, everyone I know that's ordered from Bavarian AND Pentagon has been very happy with the level of service and their purchases.