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Originally Posted by bunnn View Post
Guys, by no mean did I mean to offend the idea of insurance for track days. It's great that Gthal is looking into this for the community. I just didn't understand the risk/reward in insurance for HPDE/Lapping events. That's why I asked my previous question. You don't really have to follow your instructors to be safe, you just have to respect the car and take steps at a time. Most of us here are probably smart enough to not chase the better driver in a slower car. I'm obviously not going fast enough or pushing the car enough in the events to care about insurance, but the moment I decided to track the responsibility is on me. The premium on its own is not that bad, I suppose, but the deductible is ridiculous, unless I plan to write-off my car every time, the damage is almost worth paying out of your own pocket.
Sorry if my response sounded terse, I definitely didn't think you were being offensive - your question is perfectly valid. I think we all agree that the risk/reward for insurance on HPDE/lapping events *isn't* there. But there would have been no way to know this unless we actually went out and gathered the info. From my side, I was hoping my broker would be able to put a package together for a group that had a reasonable risk/reward, but it just wasn't there.

I seem to recall Jaypod telling a story about how a camera came off the hood of a car and caused a fair bit of damage to another. In both the Mosport DDT events I went to last month someone did go off the track (thankfully there was no damage in either incident). It's the stuff that's out of my control that would make me want to have insurance regardless of how 'safe' I may perceive my own driving to be.

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