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Originally Posted by shizzle View Post
I personally only do HPDE/lapping events, no racing. However, the insurance I looked into does cover timed events if you choose to do it (I wanted to have only HPDE/lapping coverage, but they treat this all as racing).

I agree that as someone who only does HPDE/lapping events, the premium is excessive .. folks like us.
Originally Posted by gthal View Post
Although I agree that at HPDE's ...

I call my insurance company each year and tell them what I plan to do and get them to note it on my file that we chatted and they OK'd me.
Guys, by no mean did I mean to offend the idea of insurance for track days. It's great that Gthal is looking into this for the community. I just didn't understand the risk/reward in insurance for HPDE/Lapping events. That's why I asked my previous question. You don't really have to follow your instructors to be safe, you just have to respect the car and take steps at a time. Most of us here are probably smart enough to not chase the better driver in a slower car. I'm obviously not going fast enough or pushing the car enough in the events to care about insurance, but the moment I decided to track the responsibility is on me. The premium on its own is not that bad, I suppose, but the deductible is ridiculous, unless I plan to write-off my car every time, the damage is almost worth paying out of your own pocket.