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Originally Posted by mylydiamy View Post
I don't want to scare anyone but strongly advice everybody to be carefull.

If you are planning to get married, talk to a lawyer about prenup for your present and future assets.

If you are married and have a feeling that your marriage does not have a brigth future, start moving your assets : move your money to your thrustworty friends/family members, hide as much of your income as possible. And remember, the magic number is 10. After ten years of marriage, you are stuck with life time alimony in most cases. And do not let your wife catch you cheating. That would put you in deep sh%#.
1. hiding assets may invalidate prenuptial agreement.

2. all states have no-fault divorce. whether you cheat is irrelevant.
"As of October 2010, no-fault divorce is allowed in all fifty states and the District of Columbia."