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Originally Posted by ScotchAndCigar View Post

How bout your BMWs? Do they go down in price, or do they normally go up every year? All of you are arguing for an idea that makes no sense, and doesn't reflect reality. For example, take any republican administration we've had; Bush 2, Bush 1, Reagan, Ford, etc. Did they actually make gov't smaller? Did budgets get smaller every year? No and no.
I agree there are programs that should see increases but there are others that have long sense surved their purpose and should be eliminated (but that never happens).
I am looking for something rational. The Feds under baseline budgeting increase everything at 9% a year plus whatever new programs that get funded. That means the new 2006 BMW 425i i bought for 37k for would cost 62k today. That type of compounding annual increase is just insane and bankrupting our nation. The price difference between a 2006 and a 2011 3-series is not significant yet the product has improved quite a bit. Don't belittle BMW by comparing it to our out of touch and bankrupt government who does less with more every year.