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Originally Posted by ecleland View Post
Seriously? This isn't hard to understand. Let me draw a simple example. Lets say i lose my job and now must live on a reduced income. My choice isn't to (1) buy gas for the car or (2) put food on the table. The result is continue to do both at a reduced level.

Just so you know budget cuts in DC are often not actually cuts but reductions in the rate of growth. Anything short of a 9% increase in spending is considered a cut in DC speak. Washington Bureaucrats just like squealing like stuck pigs every time they are asked to do more with less. Something every business and family in this country is capable of doing on a regular basis.
So you want the gov't to work like an unemployed household?
Conservatives need to admit that the norm for society is for things to go up. For those of us who have jobs and are working (the norm), we get a raise every year, to help pay for living expenses which are always on the rise. Town budgets (normally) never go down, right? So property taxes go up, even if the real estate market is down.

How bout your BMWs? Do they go down in price, or do they normally go up every year? All of you are arguing for an idea that makes no sense, and doesn't reflect reality. For example, take any republican administration we've had; Bush 2, Bush 1, Reagan, Ford, etc. Did they actually make gov't smaller? Did budgets get smaller every year? No and no.

And if you look at the history of revenue, as we have in these threads, it's clear that the middle-class is taking on too much burden because of the constantly decreasing burden of the upper-class.