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Originally Posted by 11Series View Post
It isn't asinine, it is the simple mathematical reality of cutting spending in order to balance the budget. Unless you are saying that it is asinine to attempt to balance the budget by cutting spending...

With what money?

You simply don't seem capable of doing even simple mathematics. You cut spending, you get less government. You guys who think cutting spending and cutting taxes is the answer to everything, and then expect to get the same amount of government are living in some sort of alternate reality.

You don't get to keep the same amount of gov't when you shrink government. You don't get to keep the same amount of DHS services when you shrink DHS budgets. What part of this can't you understand?

This is why I HATE the Tea Party Republicans.

Now, unless you have some voodoo magic spell where you can shift us into an alternate reality where you can keep 100% of government, while at the same time shrinking gov't, answer the question:

We've got two choices, which do you support:

1) We can focus our DHS resources on getting the terrorists, criminals, and drug dealers illegally entering the US that are actually a threat.


2) We can focus our DHS resources on hunting down and deporting the spouses and relatives of our OWN US SOLDIERS, and some kids who's PARENTS violated US law.

Which is it? And stop taking mystical trips into alternate realities. This is the reality at hand that the DHS is forced to deal with.
Seriously? This isn't hard to understand. Let me draw a simple example. Lets say i lose my job and now must live on a reduced income. My choice isn't to (1) buy gas for the car or (2) put food on the table. The result is continue to do both at a reduced level.

Just so you know budget cuts in DC are often not actually cuts but reductions in the rate of growth. Anything short of a 9% increase in spending is considered a cut in DC speak. Washington Bureaucrats just like squealing like stuck pigs every time they are asked to do more with less. Something every business and family in this country is capable of doing on a regular basis.