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If you can swing it, I think you should do it. That's the only cure Otherwise you will drive yourself crazy and not appreciate your M.

The car is amazing. Most people who make negative comments about the car have never driven one. I couldn't be happier with the GTR. Mine is super silver.



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That's not true. The new GTR will beat 997.1 and .2 Turbos at most performance measures. The Turbo S is another story though.

It will bite at the heels of a turbo S which costs $70,000 more. With a simple tune/exhaust I'm sure it would be a drivers race. There is a Fifth Gear episode where they were compared in a race on the track and the turbo S won by a small margin. I think some of the difference was due to the fact that Tiff Needell was drivng the P car. That guy can drive. If the GTR would have won, Porsche would have had a fit. I had a 997.1tt a couple years ago. I personally think the GTR is more entertaining. It has a lot of character.

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