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Originally Posted by NYCGP View Post
Can we sticky this...? Every man needs to read this and understand it. I see this shit EVERYWHERE I go. Men with inflated egos thinking they need to prove their women wrong. When in the end, you always lose... whether you are right or wrong.

I almost never fought with my ex. Because her stupidity was so astounding that I would often enjoy saying, "you're right". Just to hold on to that little nugget to remember for later entertainment.

It's usually stupid men or men who have low self-esteem that choose to fight with their women. My ex's father on the golf course one day leveled with me. He said, "GP, I am gonna let you in on a little secret that took me 30 years to realize. The key to a successful marriage is as simple as two words. Yes, dear."

You are already the winner. Every day that you get to go to work and make money and sleep with your wife and hug your children is proof of just that. Do you really need to prove to her that the best way to get to the restaurant is by going straight at the intersection instead of making a left turn?
Yep this is so true...i used to make excuses or give reasons as to why i did something that got her mad...well, that would just cause her to respond and me not liking that response would respond again with something else to counter that goes on back and, when i do something that pissed her off, i just say "you know what baby, i fucked up...i really did, and im sorry ill remember it for the future." WHAT THE FUCK can she say to me now?? if she keeps digging at me and i got nothing to say, who looks like the idiot now? ahahahaha