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It is funny that I found this thread because up until yesterday, I havent really thought much about the GTR. I have seen them around here and there but they really havent captured me like the one I saw yesterday did. I was riding home on my motorcycle and I seen the tailights up ahead. So I pull up next to it and it just looked and sounded amazing. It was a weird silver color. Not your typical silver but kind of a bluish silver. Anyway, it just looked amazing.

The numbers are undeniable and I actually like the exterior design. The only things that keep me from going over to the dark side is the hideous Nissan interior and dash that looked outdated when it was first launched, the high maintenance, the headache of having to deal with Nissan whenever something is wrong with it, and of course the much higher price tag.

Things that make me want a GTR:
The Performance is #1
The exclusivity and rarity
The supercar-ish exterior and performance comparisons

Things that keep me with BMW:
The enthusiast community
The "free" maintenance for 4 years
The status and recognition of driving a BMW M3
The all around applicability of a car like the M3 (kids to school on week days and track on weekends)
The loaner BMWs offered during service
The amount of aftermarket parts and choices for my car
The BMWCCA events
The mesh of luxury and performance

Wow, after writing that I guess I dont really want a GTR lol