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Originally Posted by Rolf-Dieter View Post
Congratulation on your purchase of your new car and welcome to the forum, happy motoring when you get your ///M3

Places to see, I recommend you arrive a few days before your ED and take in some of the sights of Munich ... downtown, München Hofbrauhaus, of course the BMW factory tour and the museum all within walking distance where you will pick up your car. My recommendations would be to do all this before you take delivery of your car. This way you will not have to worry about parking your car or anyone banging your doors you know what I mean.

Then once you done all that, your BMW advisor will have several recommendations for you as to what trips to take and what areas you can explore. Do drive on the Autobahn, however, as you properly know to see the country one needs to take the back country roads The Nürburgring not too far from München is a must see if you like cars ... happy motoring

Cheers and enjoy
All of this but especially the back roads and the nurburgring. Even if you don't care about the track, the eiffel region of Germany is incredibly beautiful and the roads are the best in the world. You can spend days exploring the towns in wine country near the ring. Use the NAV if you have that feature. I have found some amazing places by using the search feature there. Good luck!

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Thickness feels good to me and my hands aren't that big.