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I find on my car that the clutch pedal is so light, and grab point is sooo close to the top of the pedal travel that I only need to place my foot on the pedal and hardly apply any effort in order to shift. So lately I've been trying to just keep my heel on the floor and pivot about it.

Earlier, I was doing like I do on my other cars, and lift my foot and push the clutch in, and with the light flywheel on this car, I was getting jerky shifts, up and down, despite rev matching. I first took out the assist springs, which made it better, but then realizes that I don't even need to depress the pedal that much to where they come into play. I only have just under 5K miles, so I'm sure as the clutch wears, my method of pressing the clutch will change soon.

Anyway, I have my ultimate pedals on order, as well as the illuminated ZHP knob and a tri-color stitched leather boot. If those don't get it to where I want it to be, then I'll get the Rogue Octane as well.

Sorry to go off topic, but this car would be so much more fun to drive if they put in a better 6MT.