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Originally Posted by boothguy View Post
I had had a bright(ish) blue car from 2004-8 and was a little reluctant to go there again with the M3. I tried hard to like Silverstone and Melbourne. Really hard. Just couldn't get there because of the odd tones they took on in different lighting. I get that that's what BMW was going for with these colors - uniqueness. But the variations in Melbourne, Silverstone and Interlagos just lost me. I feel like the car in either shade of white looks too hippy - as in overweight. Either of the blacks? I have another black car - and I'm not making that mistake again. And my '08 was Space Gray. Process of elimination leaves Le Mans Blue. I would have preferred to have been really drawn in by Le Mans Blue, but have to tell you that once I saw the color, combined with the Bamboo leather and the Sycamore Anthracite trim, which has a subtle tan fleck which picks up the seat color, I question why I made myself suffer over this choice in the first place. I got LOTS of compliments on it from people who saw it on the street in italy (as in the pic below - me looking smug with my arms folded), and people who saw my ED trip pix. Can't wait to get it back.
Hey boothguy, be sure to post some pics when your car is back. Especially if you're able to capture how the anthracite picks up some of the color of the the bamboo. I can't really see it with the pictures I've seen...
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