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u can't park your GTR anywhere
u can't stop people taking pic of you (moving or parked)
u can't stop someone come up to you asking you what car it is at gas pump
u can't go anywhere without think someone will key your car
u can't stop lanuching it.
u can't have MT
steering wheel is much more narrow compare to M3
Even in Comfort mode is more harsh than M3 sport mode
Loud tranny
20" runflat oem tires cost u 2 grands to replace
Nissan dealership treat u like u buying a sentra
Nissan service department don't offer you free pastry/coffee
Nissan service advisor won't treat you like u drive a BMW.
Stock rotor and brake pad cost over 7grand to replace at dealership
20k miles service cost u arm and legs
GTR online community is small.

0-60 2.9sec, priceless
downpipe / midpipe / exhaust / Cobb = $5k = 560whp