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Originally Posted by Wall$treet View Post
I dont get people who disregard as the carbon fiber roof as being neglible in difference. What do you want bmw to do already-they smartly added a carbon fiber light roof to save nearly 30 pounds from the highest point on hte car, just like the CSL did, they added aluminum to many parts of the body and suspension. Its a few pounds here and there but that is how you make a dent in weight.

You have a tough time feeling 30 horsepower yet you cannot say it does not matter. The lighter the better and 30 pounds (or 45 compared to moonroof which most get if not the CF) is a HUGE savings from the highest point of gravity! Like it or not if you want the better car, the CF roof is what you go with
People who buy a sunroof will defend it by saying the benefits of the CF roof are meaningless. People who go CF will say it makes a difference. IMO, I believe it would make a difference for many of the reasons you note (i.e. weight at the highest point possible) but I'm not convinced I would "feel" the difference. Would there be a measureable difference at the track if the same pro driver tried both? My guess is yes but it would be slight. I like it because it's unique and because I like the idea of the placebo effect and have convinced myself that I'm faster because of it
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