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Another possible option, depending on your finances, is to make her an offer. This is obviously going to cost you a shitload of money on lawyers for both sides, plus the alimony itself, so offer her something like $100K Cash Now and no alimony.

It may sound like a lot of money, but you may end up spending that much on lawyers and wish you just did this instead up front.

Also, see if shes willing to negotiate with a Divorce Mediator instead of lawyers. Basically, you both sit down with a non-biased mediator/lawyer and come up with a deal that both sides agree. This usually only costs a few grand, and explain to her that all the money that's going to be wasted on lawyers is money you both worked hard to save and would be better if it was split instead of given to stupid lawyers who don't give a shit about neither one of you.

Only you know her, so take advantage to her weaknesses.