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Originally Posted by ecleland View Post
We have been told that Obama and walk and chew gum at the same time on several occasions so doing both (enforcing all our laws) should be a cake walk for our brilliant Harvard educated President.

Nice rant. Strong on bullsh!t, and devoid of anything that actually addresses the issue at hand.

Now come back to reality. Democrats AND Republicans just agreed to cut funding for DHS. Now DHS MUST re-prioritize and cut services. That is reality. We've got two choices, which do you support:

1) We can focus our DHS resources on getting the terrorists, criminals, and drug dealers illegally entering the US that are actually a threat.


2) We can focus our DHS resources on hunting down and deporting the spouses and relatives of our OWN US SOLDIERS, and some kids who's PARENTS violated US law.

Which do you choose? Ball up and make the hard choices the DHS have to make.

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