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Budget? Spend your first $200 on getting fit. Proper fit will be better than any amount of bling. Have you ever ridden another road bike? Things like pedals, saddles and even component groups are largely personal.

I ride and love Campagnolo components, but SRAM makes some great stuff too. I hate Shimano, but that's just me, it's good stuff and a good value. The UK sites (Ribble, Total Cycling, Chain Reaction) are much cheaper than US sites for groups and components. I use Speedplay pedals, and have Mavic wheels, but hate them and would strongly recommend you get handbuilt wheels, which represent much better value and are almost always lighter and more aero than factory made wheels, the exception being Shimano Dura Ace wheels.

Since you have a Cinelli frame, logic and taste would say that you should stick with as much Italian stuff as possible. Consider Campy, TTT or Deda bar/stem and Vittoria tires.