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I see a watch as a tool. I'm not into jewlry AT ALL. I wouldn't even wear my wedding band if I didn't think it would offend my wife. I don't need another expensive thing to worry about when Timex works just as well.

I used to wear a Timex Ironman Triathlon. Light, tough, multifunction, practical and cheap. I could bash the crap out of it on the mountain bike trails and not care. Maintenance? When the face got too scratched up I'd just get a new one for less money than any amount of maintenance on a more expensive watch.

My most recent looked like this, but with a steel face...

My wife convinced me it just didn't work with my business attire. When it finally broke, her and a friend had me looking at things like Citizen. I guess some looked OK, but I wasn't impressed with any of them. They were heavy, fragile, and you had to spend a lot to get the most basic features, like an alarm. The user interfaces usually sucked compared to the old Ironman. I wound up getting this...

It worked almost as well as my old ironman as far as functions (although the buttons aren't as nice), but the thing is heavy (irritating while running and biking), more fragile (crystal has zero protection), less comfortable (can't beat a resin band) and the analog hands often obstruct the 'real' watch know...the one that displays most of the information.

Consequently, I don't wear a watch anymore. I use my phone and laptop while at work, but it'd still be handy while I'm running and stuff. I might get another Ironman, although I'd like a digital sports watch I could still wear to work. I was thinking something like these maybe...