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Originally Posted by jmarino21 View Post
My dealer told me two weeks ago that it was no longer possible to order a new E90. What gives? Apparantly there actually still allocations remaining? Wonder how i could get one...
As of a week ago, there were 15 e90 M3 allocations left in the US listed as Priority 3, 4, or 5 (i.e. the cars are not spoken for yet) in status 111 (i.e. not scheduled for production, can still make changes to order). My dealer grabbed one of those for me from California. To get an allocation from another dealer, the dealership general manager has to call the other dealership and ask/beg/bribe them. The other dealership doesn't have to give it up (unless it's listed as Priority 5, which they never are). So it all depends on how motivated your dealer is to work for you. Not sure what the status now is, but you'd better hurry ...