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Originally Posted by infinitekid2002 View Post
Ended the recession?-laughable
The recession ended in June of 2009 - look it up, Einstein.
Originally Posted by ecleland View Post
Don't compare this to Reagan. Reagan (to steal Obama's line) inherited the mess made by Carter. This is Jimmy Carter's second term and it will end in a similar landslide defeat ushering in (hopefully) another wave of conservatism that will put an end to the institutional Ponzi Scheme we are living under.
You say don't compare this to Reagan, then you reiterate why it's a perfect comparison. All of you repubs seem to be driven by the same fear - that is, Obama's getting reelected, the economy's recovering, and the repub candidates suck. You can say this is Carter's 2nd term, but you know it isn't true.

But most laughably is your "wave of conservatism" crap. We had 8 years of that, it was called Bush/Cheney, and it sucked. If you want to know what the American people think of conservatism, look at the riots in Wisconsin.

As for your other "points", they're so full of bull, I'm not going to waste my time commenting. All I can do is recommend reading these threads, and turning off Fox news. Of course, it's very likely that you're one of the recently banned teabaggers, so in that case you don't need my advice.

Oh, and you've got a horrible spell-check/wordfind problem going there.