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Hmmmm...assuming you have a lot of money, put enough for college into a trust fund for your daughter, hide as much as you can in a swiss account, get yourself fired, get a job that pays similar to your wife, find a low-paying job close to home, and tell your wife you'll look for a better job when she does.

She's probably doesn't like you any more than you like her, so once the gravy train runs dry she'll hook up with some other human wallet.

Are you self employed? If so, if you get remarried, 'sell' the business to your new wife and have her pay you, say, $20k per year. I know someone who has done this.

Or, if you want to try to make it work, I know someone this worked for.

Quit your jobs and sell your stuff. Buy a sailboat and cruise around the Carribean for a year. Start over.