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Originally Posted by E92_SID View Post
I just went through a similar situation last year myself. Here is what I did:

I hired a top of the line lawyer (For the Denver area anyways) that specialized in fathers rights. Paid him 350hr.

I make just about 100k myself and my ex is on welfare so I thought I was going to be paying out of the ass however, I wanted physical custody and we were only married for 5 years so that helped me.

Every time I went to court my lawyer was already there well before me smooth talking the judge.

I knew my ex smoked pot so I asked the court to drug test her and she failed. Right then and there they awarded me primary physical custody.

Since I would be the primary parent the courts gave me the option to seek child support from my ex but I waived it. Now, I pay ZERO to my ex.

I know there are allot of other factors that differentiate my story from yours but still, I thought it might help. I guess the point of me telling you this is that the lawyer can make all the difference. You dont need the most expensive lawyer just one who specializes in this stuff.
Thanks. You were luckier as you were married for only 5 years. After 10 years it gets worse and worse. Mine is 18-19 years.

Maybe I should find someone who would get my wife into smoking pot

As you said the most expensive lawyer is not necessarly the best one. At this point I don't care about spending additional $5K as long as it can help me reduce the term/amount of the alimony.

Tomorrow I am going to see another lawyer who only handles family law (another $350). Let's see wht he says.

when teh lawyer told me I am in for life I felt like I got punched multople times by Mike Tyson when he was young.