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Originally Posted by SeeYaLater View Post
Sorry to hear, it sucks, I know cause I just went thru this. Best thing to do is talk to as many lawyers as you can (free consults) to get different opinions. Typically with any marriage over 10 years, you're stuck paying alimony for the rest of your life.

Don't even bother quitting your current job, cause that wont bring down the alimony or child support. Judges assume if you were making say $100K/year before, you can do it again. Or else everyone would quit their high paying jobs, get a job at Walmart for $10/hour during the divorce.

For now, just get yourself busy with your kids, hobbies and get your mind off it.
Thanks. The lawyer told me the same thing. I guess I have make beleive for the rest of my life that my brand new car gets stollen once a year, and insurance doesn't cover it