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Originally Posted by infinitekid2002 View Post
After that big Stimulus Package what have we gained? .....more debt
Try opening your eyes, or maybe reading the answers in these threads (posted over and over). The stimulus ended the recession, stopped the big corporate bankruptcies, boosted the stock market tremendously, and is (slowly) bringing down unemployment, which was always predicted to take the longest to recover.

There is a graph elsewhere in these threads, which shows that the stimulus spending represents a very small portion of the debt, and in fact much of the stim money has been paid back with interest. The majority of our debt is from: existing debt, the decade-long wars, 2 rounds of unfunded Bush stimulus checks, and reduced fed revenue caused by the recession.

As I've said over and over, just look at the economic situation during Reagan's first term, and when you see how remarkably similar it is, ask yourself why Reagan is a god to you guys, while Obama is the destroyer of America.